Greetings fellow gamers,

Adam here, I’m looking for a few (or perhaps a few hundred) interested folks to beta test my up coming game The Detective Chapters: Part One. Anyone willing to participate will see their name in the official beta testers game credits. You will also receive a free steam key upon acceptance.

I appreciate anyone interested. Please use the contact form to get started. Include a brief message as to why you would be a good beta tester.


Must be fluent in English

Must be able to detect grammatical errors

Must be 18 years of age or older

Must be able to take screenshots and provide detailed descriptions of found bugs. Including the part they were encountered and what you were doing in the game.

Send email inquiries here:

The Detective Chapters Update #2

The Detective Chapters: A Choices Matter Adventure Game

TDC is a first-person point and click adventure game in which choices matter and have consequences. Every choice the player makes will have an impact on the story and dialogue.

Explore an interactive world full of depth and mystery.


Dialogue options give you the freedom to choose what you want to say.


Type and change what is said.



Explore your environment.


Gritty and moody atmosphere sets the tone.


Unravel the mystery and backstory.

We will be launching a funding campaign soon. Stay tuned for future updates.

The Detective Chapters: A Choices Matter Adventure Game Teaser


Hello friends. I’m super ultra max excited to announce our latest project. The Detective Chapters is a first person choices matter adventure game about a young man who dropped out of school and lives in his uncle’s basement.


The game features Telltale style gameplay mixed with first person exploration.


The game features a mechanic that allows you to manipulate text. Type in the text to alter what is said.


The story is altered by the choices you make. A characters attitude towards you is changed with every choice.

We are getting ready to release the press demo soon and hopefully a gamplay video to boot. Please follow us for updates.


Welcome to the New and Improved Mayhem Games USA Official Website

These last few months have been a busy time for us. We recently brought on some fresh new talent to the team and have been hard at work on developing our newest game The Scoundrels Guild: A Tale of Thieves. In order to make things a bit more organized, we decided it was time to put all of our games under one roof and do a little remodeling of the home site.

We’ve put all of our games here on the main website, instead of having individual sites for each one. We will soon be implementing a purchase option for Barter Empire, right here on the site and you can expect some cool news in the weeks to come about our newest project.

Many great features will be added in the coming weeks and months, as well as regular news and updates about our latest projects and what we’ve been up to. Stay tuned!